Why Masticating Juicer Is the Best Bet?

If you want to get maximum vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes extracted and preserved in every glass of juice you make then go for the masticating juicer. It uses a gentle and cold press method of extraction which eliminates heat and air from the equation minimizing loss of nutrition say masticating juicer reviews. There is very little heating or oxidation while juicing with masticating juicer thereby preserving all vital nutrients in the juice.

Freedom To Use

If you prefer juicing at odd times like late at night or early in the morning it is preferable that you buy yourself a masticating juicer. The problem of loud noise that can wake up sleeping family members, babies, disturb pets and neighbors is a real problem with centrifugal juicers. Masticating juicers operate silently and offer you the freedom of juicing at any time you choose.


If you want a juicer that does other things like make pasta, nut butter, baby food and nut milk opt for a good masticating juicer with these attachments. Masticating juicers are multi-purpose machines. Juice from masticating juicers last 72 hours in the fridge without losing either freshness or taste as the juices are neither heated nor oxidized during the juicing process.

Vertical Machines

Masticating juicers earlier were all horizontal machines. Now they are being made as vertical machines too. The advantages of vertical machines are that it uses gravity to help guide the food towards the chewing augers. In horizontal machines you have to physically push the produce through the food chute. They are also easier to clean.

Cost Factor Vs Yield

Masticating juicers cost more than centrifugal juicers for various reasons. One is the way they are built with more sturdy materials that last long and also come with long warranties. Some masticating juicers come with life-time warranty.

Look for juicers that give more yield in juice. If you get more juice per pound of produce, you’ll spend less time on prepping and spend less money buying produce. Not many folks understand this point but even if you spend a little more initially on the machine that makes more juice it is better than spending 5–10 dollars extra every week to buy more produce to make same amount of juice. You also spend more time prepping the produce. So, it is better to buy masticating juicers that produce more juice per pound of produce.

Shape Factor

As juicers are designed to maximize juice yield and ease of juicing, they come in variety of shapes and sizes. You need to factor this aspect in your buying decision as it can impact your day to day juicing. If you have very small kitchen buying a large sized juicer is impractical and may not work out at all. Too small sized juicer means not all members will have enough juice to drink. Choose size wisely depending on how many members of the family are actually going to drink the juice and the size of your kitchen. Large size of the feed tube will cut down on your prep time but at the same time that size machine will occupy more space on the kitchen counter.

Ease of Use, Cleaning

What other factors should you think about when buying a masticating juicer? Is it easy to assemble? Juicers that take seconds to assemble will be used more often. How hard is it to take apart? How easy or difficult is it to clean. If you have to clean all parts by hand you may end up using the juicer less. But if it has dishwasher safe parts you will likely use it more. All are too much grooves, crevices and difficult to clean parts? Check these things before buying. Most masticating juicers are dishwasher safe but the screen or mesh alone needs a more thorough cleaning by hand using the brush provided.

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