Doubts About Jack Lalanne Juicers? Look No Further.

Is the Jack LaLanne Juicer any good? Many folks wonder if the Jack Lalanne juicers are any good. For several years Jack Lalanne branded juicers were top sellers in the market place. Thousands of satisfied buyers still look for the Jack Lalanne brand of juicers long after the death of the man whose name the Jack Lalanne line of juicers carry. They were very good appliances with exceptional performance and affordable prices. They offered excellent juicing abilities combined with great juice yield. But in the last few years it appears that the people behind the brand are slowly phasing out the different juicer models either selling the rights to produce these juicers to other companies or totally shutting down the business. So, we no longer find Jack Lalanne juicers in the top sellers list. At this present moment there are no Jack Lalanne juicer models that we can recommend as the few models we found seemed to have serious issues as reported by users.

Is the Jack LaLanne Juicer A masticating juicer? No, it is not a masticating juicer. The speed of spinning is lower than regular centrifugal juicers but it still spins at higher speed than masticating juicers. It spins at an RPM of 3600. The company made user-friendly juicers with large feed chutes. This cut down the prep times significantly. The excellent quality blades made of stainless steel helped rip through the fresh produce to extract superb quality juice in seconds. The centrifugal juicers offered excellent performance at really low costs. Despite the juicers being very popular, after the death of iconic fitness guru Jack Lalanne the company has slowly gone stopped production of these juicers. They are no longer available for sale unless you look really hard and even then, only the co-branded models are available. You might be able to find the older models for sale on some of the sites like eBay.

Which is the best among the Jack LaLanne juicers? That is difficult to answer. In the days when Jack Lalanne juicers ruled the roost there were several great models like the Power Juicer Pro, Power Juicer Deluxe and Power Juicer Express to choose from. The juicers were designed keeping in mind user’s needs. Busy folks leading hectic lives needed juicers that needed very little prep time. So, these juicers had big mouths to take it bigger chunks and whole fruits. They juiced really fast with their powerful motors. But the spinning was not too rapid to cause heat build-up and loss of nutrition. With the company no longer in active production there are no Jack Lalanne juicer models to recommend. Even if you manage to locate a few models be aware that after sales support may not be available. There are other excellent juicers from other brands which have taken over where Jack Lalanne juicer left off.

Now that we have answered most of your doubts regarding Jack juicers here’s a more important question that needs an answer. Which juicer is the best to buy? There are several great models from companies like Kuvings, Breville, Omega, Hurom Hu, Cuisinart, Tribest and more. Affordable models are offered by Mueller Austria, Aicok, AmzChef and more. You can pick from the fast juicers also known as centrifugal juicers, slow juicers like masticating juicers and twin-gear juicers. Pick a juicer that most meets your needs. Juicing should not be a chore. So, look for models that wide feed chutes and large pulp bins. Today there are many great models that have replaced the Jack Lalanne juicers. For fast juicer go for either Breville or Hamilton Beach. For slower juicers nothing like Omega. For cheaper masticating models choose Aicok and AmzChef.

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