Best Blender For Smoothies : What 3 Factors Matter Most

Home-made smoothies are tastier and healthier than ones you order at the store. And the reason isn’t hard to fathom. You control what goes into them. If you don’t want to add extra sugar or unhealthy fat, you can decide to use alternatives. The choice to use healthy and tasty ingredients is entirely up to you.

To make a yummy smoothie, you’ll need a good smoothie blender. The device has to have enough power to crush frozen fruit, liquify tough produce and pulverize ice cubes into powder. Only then can you enjoy a silky smooth drink. Thankfully there are many blender models available on the market to match even the most stringent demands of buyers.

How can you find the best blender for smoothies? It’s easy if you keep in mind the three most vital factors to decide on a smoothie blender. While there are several other variables that go into the decision, these 3 are most important. Of course, your final choice will depend on uniquely individual things you might look for in a smoothie blender.

So think about these 3 points as general guidelines to help narrow down the field and discover the best blender for smoothies.

Blending Power

A high energy motor usually drives the best blender for smoothies. The motor power is what determines the efficiency with which your blender will crush ice, liquify produce and handle frozen fruit. A weak blender motor will leave chunks and stringy bits that detract from your smoothie quality.

Power ratings for smoothie blenders can be anywhere from 300 to 1500 watts. For making good smoothies, you’ll need at least 600 watts in power. While lower power blenders might be able to deal with ice cubes, they’ll strain more and this causes the motor to wear out sooner.

If you want to make silky smooth and delicious smoothies, then picking a blender with the highest power setting should come high up on your list. When everything else is equal, a more powerful blender beats out a less powerful one.

Blender design involves a coil that spins within an electromagnet to power the blades. A powerful motor will make the blades rotate faster and with more force, making this a better blending device. Make sure to check if your preferred blender can deal with ice effectively. A few blenders cannot crush ice effectively.

Blender Features

The best blender for smoothies comes with an array of functions and speed settings that are pre-configured for your convenience. At the press of a button, you can select the optimal settings to handle whatever fruit, vegetable or other produce you are blending into a smoothie.

Ideally, look for a blender with at least 3 different speed settings.

Pulse action blending is useful in fine tuning smoothies to perfection.

Incrementally adding ingredients to your smoothies while you are blending is made easy by a feeding chute in the lid and pulse settings.

Blender Price

Though mentioned last, the price of your chosen smoothie blender is indeed an important constraint. The best blenders for making smoothies are costlier. However, you can get a very good device for much less if you’re willing to forego some frills and extra features.

A smoothie blender’s price is a reflection of things like motor power, design aesthetics, brand name of the manufacturer and longevity of the device. High quality components last longer, but are also more expensive.

If all you want is a cheap blender to whip up smoothies, you can get one on a modest budget. A powerful and versatile blender that can tackle multiple tasks along with making smoothies will be costlier. You can benefit from this range in pricing and features, to mix and match until you find your perfect choice of blender.

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