AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer Review

Amzchef Slow Masticating Juicer

There are many reasons why Amzchef masticating juicer has become a top seller on Amazon. It is compact and trendy. It juices all kinds of produce whether soft or hard or green with equal ease. The juicer has a powerful 150 w motor which simply pulverizes all the ingredients and extracts the juice. It is very good for juicing leafy greens. But soft fruits and produce are not juiced that well. Comparing juice yields we found that the Amzchef masticating slow juicer produces large amounts of greens juice which is comparable with other expensive models of juicers. It also makes reasonable amounts of juice from hard produce like apples and pears. But with soft produce the juice yield is not that great. It is versatile and makes baby food too. The large pulp bin helps in juicing without stopping to empty the pulp. The juicer has an reverse button which can be used to unclog the juicer incase it gets clogged or stops juicing. No need to open up everything. This button is also useful to clean the Amzchef slow juicer. The 7-spiral auger rotating at 80 rpm squeezes every bit of juice from the produce leaving behind a dry pulp.

It has a powerful motor that drives the auger to extract juice from any produce you feed the Amzchef slow juicer with. As the speed is rather slow there is no oxidation or heating of the juice happening when juicing with this juicer. Heating, agitation of juice and oxidation are some of the problems of juicing with fast juicers. But Amzchef slow juicer does not cause either heating or agitation to cause the destruction of nutrients in the extracted juice. It retains most of the nutrients — vitamins, minerals and heat sensitive enzymes. Also, this slow nature of juicing results in longer shelf life for the juice without loss of flavors noted with fast juicers. The design and color scheme of the juicers helps it integrate effortlessly with any décor you might have in your modern kitchen. The materials used in the making of the juicer ensure that its resists corrosion or warping. It is built to last. Safety of small children and juicer is ensured by the small feeding tube. But one problem is that you have to spend more time chopping produce to fit the small mouth of the tube.

The noise produced is very low and barely noticeable. No babies or neighbors are going to be disturbed when you juice with the Amzchef masticating slow juicer. Another advantage is the reverse button on this juicer. If your juicer is stuck or clogged simply use the reverse button and it will automatically unclog. Useful in cleaning too. Every part of the juicer except screen is dishwasher safe. Due to the number of parts being few assembly, cleaning up and disassembly are all very easy indeed. The Amzchef slow juicer is made from BPA-free plastics. So no need to worry that harmful plastics will leach into juice. Also all parts are coated with Tritan that prevents oxidation or corrosion. It comes with a 2-year warranty showing the complete confidence of the makers in their product. It is slightly heavy to handle and some foaming was noticed in the juice. Also the narrow feed tube is a little annoying because of all the chopping you need to do. and — Which are the BEST blenders and BEST juicers for your kitchen? We help you find out

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